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Our Foldable 3 In 1 Blanket is a travel essential that'll save you from a multitude of sticky situations! It's foldable, so you can take it anywhere, and it'll transform into a blanket, seat cover, or even a poncho-choose your own adventure! It provides a clean and comfortable solution with BioNTex™ technology to the airline seat and scarf cleanliness issues. Don't let those issues bring you down - you'll never have to worry about grime again!


Our products feature the pioneer BioNTex™️ technology, offering exceptional germ resistance for enhanced protection and peace of mind.

【Product Highlights】

  • Multifunctional in 3 ways: Blanket, seat cover, and poncho
  • Easily storable in your travel bag/ luggage
  • Button fastening
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Odor reduction
  • Antiviral fabric treatment with BioNTex™ technology 
  • Upcycle fabric from garment production surplus 

    【Product Fabric】

    • 100% Polyester

    【Product Care

    • Maintains high performance after 100 washes
    • Machine washable
    • Low-temperature drying
    • Do not bleach
    • Do not dry clean

    【Product Size】

    • One size fits all
    Measure in CM Free Size
    Front Length  90
    Width 144
    Hooded Length 36
    Hooded Width 54
    Front Length (Folded) 38.5
    Width (Folded) 56