Who says swimsuits are only for the beach? The runways of fashion shows and the everyday outfits of celebrities serve as the perfect inspiration for us. You can take our Kapture one-shoulder bikini and pair it with pants and a jacket, exuding a subtly sexy vibe without being overly revealing. It's definitely the ultimate choice for swimwear turned fashion statement.
Who says swimsuits are only for the beach?

*But that's not all - At KAPTURE, we're committed to sustainability, which is why we use recycled polyamide fabric to craft our swimwear. By utilizing recycled materials, we're creating swimsuits that are both environmentally friendly and visually stunning with their bright colors. It's one small step for human beings, but one giant leap for civilization as we work towards regenerating waste and reducing environmental pollution.
・Official Website: www.kapture.travel
・Available in store and online shop
・Worldwide Shipping

September 23, 2023