The large tote bag trend is back, and designs that balance practicality and fashion are once again in the spotlight. To look stylish and feel at ease when stepping out, you can't miss the KAPTURE Tote bag!! This season's highlight is the SIN Tote Bag, inspired by the popular Changi Airport in Singapore. If you love traveling, you'll instantly recognize our design featuring the iconic Rain Vortex – we've transformed this 40-meter-tall indoor waterfall into a Y-shaped streamlined design. Available in forest shades, soft orange and eye-catching red, it's perfect for daily outings and will effortlessly complement any look. Get ready to embrace the tote bag craze with style and ease!
The large tote bag trend is back

*Sustainability matters at KAPTURE. Our collection uses upcycled fabrics including bamboo, recycled polyester, etc., and innovative BioNTex™️ anti-bacterial coating. Tested by JTETC, it's safe for your body and maintains high performance even after 100 washes.

Store addresses in Hong Kong:
📍Hysan Place | Shop 421, 4/F, Hysan Place, 500 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

📍 Hong Kong International Airport | Unit 6W574, Level 6 Departure, Terminal 1 (Near Gate 40)

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・Available in store and online shop
・Worldwide Shipping
April 08, 2024