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The second stop of the tourist check-in trip, we came to the Villa located in the Puding Prairie in Kenting! Its location is one of its selling points, it is only a short distance from Shadao Beach, Eluanbi Cape Lighthouse and Shadao Shell Sand Exhibition Hall, but more importantly is its exotic decoration design. The pink wooden fence, the sun umbrella made of straw, and the pure white exterior wall are all instagrammable place.

Discovering the Beauty of Kenting, kapture

We changed into new clothes, and put on a Barbie-style eco-friendly swimsuit in hot and bright colors. The one-shoulder strap cut design is rare. Whether it is a bright yellow or pink swimsuit, paired with sunglasses and a headscarf, it's instantly fashionable.

Discovering the Beauty of Kenting, kapture

*But that's not all - At KAPTURE, we're committed to sustainability, which is why we use recycled polyamide fabric to craft our swimwear. By utilizing recycled materials, we're creating swimsuits that are both environmentally friendly and visually stunning with their bright colors. It's one small step for human beings, but one giant leap for civilization as we work towards regenerating waste and reducing environmental pollution.

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8月 05, 2023