technology applies coating on fabric which constructs a positive polymer structure, together with Japanese positive ion additive and high pressure treatment, the fabric is capable of intercepting the negatively charged bacteria and viruses. And through strong positive attraction, bacteria and viruses envelope are torn and achieve the killing effect.

As highly infectious virus is not trending to be totally eliminated in any time, a stable and sustainable solution is needed especially for travelers. Introducing BioNTex™, a revolutionary antiviral technology, can efficiently reduce and inactivate virus and bacteria on fabric's surface, and travelers can feel safer in a closed end environment like inside the airplane.

Overview features of BioNTex™️ coating


is effectively against germs including Coronavirus, etc.
And is 99% effective against germs even after 100 washes.

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Are there any harmful ormetallic element in the Kapture's products?

Our coating is non-metallic and safe according to Bureau Veritus* report.

*Bureau Veritus is a world leader in laboratory testing, inspection and certification services.

How long will thecoronavirus stay on clothes?

According to a study conducted by the School of Public Health,Faculty of Medicine of the University of Hong Kong, the survival of coronaviruses attached to clothing in general can be as long as 48 hours (2 days).

Will the antiviral coatingbe worn off after machine washing? Or how many washes does  it last?

Under CMA testing, our uniform coating has been proven to sustain 60 washes, and less than 1% drop after 100 washes.

Can I spray sanitizer on BioNTex™️ products?

No, because the anti-bacterial coating on BioNTex™️ products have been fully and effectively sterilized. Spraying sanitizer may damage the anti-bacterial coating.

Can I iron BioNTex™️ products?

BioNTex™️ products can be steamed or ironed at low temperature (180°C).