Swimwear fashion
Who says swimsuits can't be fashionable? In recent years, the trend of "wearing lingerie as outerwear" has become increasingly popular. As a fashion travel expert, KAPTURE understands the importance of both functionality and style in design, and we can certainly elevate your travel outfits. The simplest way is to prepare a pair of sunglasses and low-rise jeans, and pair them with KAPTURE's collection of uniquely cut swimsuits. Creating a Y2K style is effortless with us!

*But that's not all - At KAPTURE, we're committed to sustainability, which is why we use recycled polyamide fabric to craft our swimwear. By utilizing recycled materials, we're creating swimsuits that are both environmentally friendly and visually stunning with their bright colors. It's one small step for human beings, but one giant leap for civilization as we work towards regenerating waste and reducing environmental pollution.

・Official Website: www.kapture.travel
・Available in store and online shop
・Worldwide Shipping
August 30, 2023