Kazuto Suzuki

Kazuto Suzuki

Born in 1988. Born in Saitama prefecture. Studied at Musashino Art University, Department of Spatial Design, Faculty of Art and Design, and studied under Masatomo Ota, a stage costume designer while still in school. In 2016, he became independent and established Shin-Nakano Seisakusho. Since then, as a costume designer, he has been in charge of a wide variety of designs and productions, regardless of genre, such as idols, artists' special costumes, and prop designs mainly using cloth.

 Kazuto Suzuki


-  Movie 『謝肉祭まで


- Kanano Senritsu MV


- Hitsuji Bungaku 『Lucky』MV

- Naris Cosmetics Promotional Event Outfit

October 18, 2022
Tags: designer